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Touring Car Fog Lights #3 Show Quality Chrome. Here is a nice accessory for your favorite ride. These are an absolutely stunning, SHOW QUALITY copy of an old classic! At an affordable price, too. The buckets are about 7" OD and 4" deep. They pivot for full adjustability. The reflector is metal so it should last a long time. The chrome bracket is about 4 from the bucket mount to where it hooks to the bumper brace. The chrome carriage head bolt is 7/16" NC by 4" and will clamp to a brace that is up to 2 1/2" wide. They are supplied with 12 volt bulbs and are fully servicable. We stock 6V halogen bulbs at an additional charge with free shipping). We stock replacement lenses just in case a gravel attacks yours!

Chevrolet Cadillac Touring Car Chrome Fog Lights #3

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