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Chrome Metal Hub Covers 5 Lug on 5" Center Cap Kit. Looking for something a bit different for your favorite Cruiser? Got a set of Chrome Reverses but want to hide the hub and lug nuts? Want to accent a set of red steelies? Put these and a set of the ribbed trim rings that I sell in the Classic Car Goodies Store and you are stylin'! Remove the lug nuts, install the adaptor plate, torque the lugs back down and use the little machine thread screws to put that nice die cast cover on. The center hole is about 2 3/4" inside and the dome is about 4" tall. We stock lots of hub caps and trim rings.

5 on 5" Chrome Metal Spider Centers Hub Cap Set (4)

SKU: UPD-C8061
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Only 3 left in stock

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